Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All full

For some reason I have always thought a family with “just” 4 kids is small.  That it’s not complete till you have at least 6.  That your final vehicular goal is a 15 passenger van that most likely won’t fit in your garage.  For a long time I have felt that my 6 person, perfectly even, family is small.  That there must be more of us, we have 2 more seat belts in our car to be filled and an empty bedroom in our house that could be home to another set of bunk beds.   And when I cuddle with my kids on the couch during movie time, we take up a whole 2 cushions of our 7 cushion sectional.  But after a day like today, I think that I need to measure my children differently.  They our all pretty short and skinny still- but if there was a way to measure there personality I am pretty sure it would be off the charts.  I think our house would be bursting at the seams, and our bumper would be dragging on the ground despite those two extra spaces.  I think I need to stop thinking about how easy the baby stage was of raising these kids and just focus on increasing my ability to raise children.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sticking to a budget

Saturday I woke up feeling so awful.  I had come down with this cold-flu-bug thing-  I don’t care what you call it, I just knew that I was sick, and miserable, and I wasn’t going anywhere.  So Chase did the grocery shopping for the week.  Not the greatest idea.  I have come up with a pretty strict budget-  pay the bills, leave a set amount of money in checking for groceries and gas and anything else that may come up for the next 2 weeks, and transfer everything else into savings for our Utah trip in December and Christmas.  I know it’s not an easy budget- I take a calculator with me shopping and add up every little expense, add on taxes, and I manage to leave just enough for my daily qt dr pepper.  I kind of feel like I deserve it for doing so well on the budget, and it keeps me from splurging on other things during my grocery trip.  Well….  Chase came home, put 4 receipts in front of me and asked me how he did…   He spent  86% of the 2 week budget in one single day.   I was hoping that this would gain some respect from him- that I really was doing good and was deserving of my 85 cent daily treat.  But no- he just told me it was the diapers fault.  And he wanted to know why I hadn’t potty-trained Sam yet. 


So from now on- even if I am deathly ill, I will be doing the grocery shopping.  I took back the box of diapers and got the cheaper version of Huggies (2 less diapers and $5 saved) and pocketed the change for my QT drinks.   And I guess  it is a good thing  it is a self-imposed budget forcing me to be cheap.  The money we saved is just sitting in savings calling to me to be transferred back with just a few clicks of the mouse.  It wants to be spent.  I really wanted just to hide it and forget about it.

And I guess I can’t complain too much about Chase spending to much money- he is the one that goes to work everyday for me to have any money to budget with in the first place.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I’m not pregnant! (just fat)

While we were camping, I basically wore pajamas the whole trip- comfy sweat pants and t-shirts.  Despite this fact, I thought I was looking ok.  And then Aaron and my Dad had to take pictures and post them all over facebook.   And then someone asked Hannah, “is your mommy gonna have a new baby?”

So yeah….  I guess I need to work harder at losing weight.  I was doing good at going rollerblading in the morning and drinking less soda until I did this a couple of weeks ago: face

Not so Fun.  The sidewalk was uneven and caught my wheel, sending me  flying.  Skinned my knee up pretty good- (and of course my face) and my lip has a pretty awesome split in it that still isn’t healed quite right.  This doesn’t really show how bad it was- a few hours after this it was very swollen and some yucky yellowish bruises were showing up.  My confidence was hurt pretty bad as well.  And I haven’t been back out since.     And in  another example of the healing properties of Cola in my life, the first thing Chase did was get me a QT Dr.Pepper.   But now it has been almost 3 weeks, kids are done with their 2 week fall break, and I need to start doing better.   And I will leave you with one of the only  camping 2010 pictures of me I feel comfortable with (and even it’s not all the great):


Monday, October 4, 2010

Camping 2010


Over Labor day weekend we finally made it to our Clement family campout.  Chase didn’t get the time off work to go with us, so my brother Aaron tagged along in my car and was a huge helper for me on this trip.  We left on Thursday right after lunch, ate at about 3 in Payson and made it to the campground by about 4.  It was great- all 8 of the campsites were empty and we got the best spots saved for the whole family.  Not so great was the fact that we hadn’t planned on being there that early…  “Dinner” in Payson wasn’t going to hold us over  till breakfast on Friday, and I didn’t bring any dinner for the first night.  Thankfully I brought lots of pop-tarts.  Breakfast of champions…  or um, dinner of champions…. 



I didn’t take a single picture this trip- I had decided to just enjoy the time with my kids and not stress about the camera.  I have now copied all of my Dad’s and Aaron's pictures  that they posted on facebook, and once I get them more organized I will be posting more of this trip.