Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All full

For some reason I have always thought a family with “just” 4 kids is small.  That it’s not complete till you have at least 6.  That your final vehicular goal is a 15 passenger van that most likely won’t fit in your garage.  For a long time I have felt that my 6 person, perfectly even, family is small.  That there must be more of us, we have 2 more seat belts in our car to be filled and an empty bedroom in our house that could be home to another set of bunk beds.   And when I cuddle with my kids on the couch during movie time, we take up a whole 2 cushions of our 7 cushion sectional.  But after a day like today, I think that I need to measure my children differently.  They our all pretty short and skinny still- but if there was a way to measure there personality I am pretty sure it would be off the charts.  I think our house would be bursting at the seams, and our bumper would be dragging on the ground despite those two extra spaces.  I think I need to stop thinking about how easy the baby stage was of raising these kids and just focus on increasing my ability to raise children.  


Elena T said...

Amen Sista! It seems like being a good mom to all these different kids and their personalities, is more than enough stretching for me.

iheartmesa said...

I need to think like this too, to stop thinking that we are "small" and that I'm not as complete as a 6 kid family.