Monday, October 4, 2010

Camping 2010


Over Labor day weekend we finally made it to our Clement family campout.  Chase didn’t get the time off work to go with us, so my brother Aaron tagged along in my car and was a huge helper for me on this trip.  We left on Thursday right after lunch, ate at about 3 in Payson and made it to the campground by about 4.  It was great- all 8 of the campsites were empty and we got the best spots saved for the whole family.  Not so great was the fact that we hadn’t planned on being there that early…  “Dinner” in Payson wasn’t going to hold us over  till breakfast on Friday, and I didn’t bring any dinner for the first night.  Thankfully I brought lots of pop-tarts.  Breakfast of champions…  or um, dinner of champions…. 



I didn’t take a single picture this trip- I had decided to just enjoy the time with my kids and not stress about the camera.  I have now copied all of my Dad’s and Aaron's pictures  that they posted on facebook, and once I get them more organized I will be posting more of this trip. 

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Anonymous said...

Yay, Kids back in school and you finally update your blog!!!!