Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I’m not pregnant! (just fat)

While we were camping, I basically wore pajamas the whole trip- comfy sweat pants and t-shirts.  Despite this fact, I thought I was looking ok.  And then Aaron and my Dad had to take pictures and post them all over facebook.   And then someone asked Hannah, “is your mommy gonna have a new baby?”

So yeah….  I guess I need to work harder at losing weight.  I was doing good at going rollerblading in the morning and drinking less soda until I did this a couple of weeks ago: face

Not so Fun.  The sidewalk was uneven and caught my wheel, sending me  flying.  Skinned my knee up pretty good- (and of course my face) and my lip has a pretty awesome split in it that still isn’t healed quite right.  This doesn’t really show how bad it was- a few hours after this it was very swollen and some yucky yellowish bruises were showing up.  My confidence was hurt pretty bad as well.  And I haven’t been back out since.     And in  another example of the healing properties of Cola in my life, the first thing Chase did was get me a QT Dr.Pepper.   But now it has been almost 3 weeks, kids are done with their 2 week fall break, and I need to start doing better.   And I will leave you with one of the only  camping 2010 pictures of me I feel comfortable with (and even it’s not all the great):



Ryan and Amy said...

Ouch! And you look pretty good for being the mom of 4 little ones. Except for your face ;)

Ryan and Amy said...

Pretty darn good.

Carrie Allen said...

I think your beautiful! I had fun reading all the updates (I hadn't been on for a bit). Your family is so fun! Ü

Sorry about your fall - ouch!!