Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To hot to do anything…

It is 80 degrees in my house today and I refuse to turn on my air conditioning in November.  And Chase is at work- so he’s not going to turn it on either (dang-it).  And since I am already sitting on the computer wasting time, I might as well cross one thing off my invisible to-do list.  

Halloween was on a Sunday this year, so we just went to the ward trunk or treat party on Saturday night.  They had a huge turnout and they weren’t prepared with enough tables and chairs for dinner so I invaded another family’s table enough to get my kids a spot to not eat their chili, while me and Chase stood the whole time.   Thankfully that wasn’t the main event- it was just the holding pen while the kids waited for the candy time.  Our kids got a whole lot of candy and didn’t seem to mind at all that they didn’t get to do real house to house trick or treating.  100_0341100_0342100_0343100_0344100_0346

The only time I thought to get a picture of them at the ward party was of them not eating their chili and eating the tops of some kind of pudding cup dessert.  I hadn’t realized that it was only going to be chili and not hot dogs- my kids are not big chili eaters. When I mentioned this to another mother in the ward she said she fed her children at home first before coming to not eat chili.  Wish I had thought of that!  Chase finished off just about all of our chili…  and everyone can just imagine what it was like sharing space with him for the next day or two…

After the weekend was over and the kids were back in school I sent Bekah to get dressed after bath time and this is what she came out with:100_0351100_0352

She was so adorable and strange looking I just had to get a picture of it. She had tights and shorts underneath the skirt that you can’t really see.  And Sam- who dislikes almost all clothes and regularly strips of anything we try to make him wear- refused to leave Bekah’s side.  Yet, when I caught him playing dress up himself he ran and hid.  I think he knew that a picture of this was a bad idea…100_0356100_0357

He instinctively hid his face the whole time until he got in the box and I couldn’t get a clear shot of him anymore.   He was wearing both of  the skirts at the same time and playing with the wand. 


Carrie Allen said...

Cute Cute!! We have some of the same Halloween bags. Ü

Stewart Family said...

love that he dressed in his sisters pink skirt! Our ward has hot dogs every year, but they always run out. Good thing there's a taco bell across the street from our chapel. Their costumes are way cute! Good job Liz!