Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Bekah!

My sweet Bekah girl turned 5!  We love her so much, and I have a hard time not spoiling her while the bigger kids are in school each day.  This year she has been loving preschool with Aunt Tara one day each week and is slowly getting ready for Kindergarten when the new school year starts in July.   This year she kind of got a whole birthday weekend instead of just one day to celebrate.  On the Saturday before we let her pick kids meals at any place she wanted, and she picked Panda Express.  The other kids were fine with this till they realized that Panda’s doesn’t give out toys like McDonalds does, the only one that didn’t care was Bekah.  She was just excited to have her very own plate of red meat balls (orange chicken).  That night  we had Chase’s family over for our monthly dinner and Aunt Jaime brought her a gift bag with lots of chocolate, silly bands, and a glow-in-the dark magic wand.  On the Sunday before her birthday we sang to her and she blew out candles on her pink cupcakes with pink frosting. 


On the day of her birthday she went to preschool and shared some more of her cupcakes with her class and brought home birthday cards with MONEY from Grandpa and Grandma T, and Grandma Norton.   That night she got to open presents. 2 new pretty outfits, a sparkle-blow dry Barbie (our house has been glittery for weeks- a blow drier that shoots our glitter?) and a big workbook full of preschool activities.  


(She loved these outfits sooooo much.  She wants to wear skirts every single day,  she was so giddy and running around happily it was hard to get her to stay still long enough to get pictures.)

Then on Tuesday she went to her 5 year check up and got 4 shots. The dr said she grew a whole lot this year, but turns out she was still in just the 10%  line on the growth charts.   Grandma C then took her out for lunch at Rosa’s  and took her shopping for a new doll that has snap on dresses and clothes. 

There was no official   party for her birthday, but her weekend was filled with people that love her and she was happy.  And nothing makes me more happy than a happy Bekah.   Thank you to everyone that helped make both of us happy. 

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grandma kathleen said...

I love birthdays that are spread out with fun things, especially activities that make the little ones feel so special. She reminds me of a little you!