Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Utah Vacation Day 2

We left grandmas cabin and headed farther north into the cold.  We enjoyed a very light snow fall during our drive through some curvy, up and down highways on our way to the freeway.  Hannah did not enjoy this part.  Her stomach was still not settled, and she had a little bit of residual throw-up, which chase kept dumping out the window (I was worried about it just hitting the side of the car) without stopping and it was my job to wipe out the bucket with wipes.  We were joking about how good it was that I wasn’t pregnant and that both parents weren’t getting sick.   IT got better as we went, and in about 4 hours we had made it to our hotel.  Hannah was almost completely better, and I was exhausted.   Chase went out with the kids to find lunch, and I just laid in bed.  Just tired, right?   after lunch Chase took the big kids swimming and we put Sam in a bath.  poor substitution for the pool if you ask me.   Just as I was getting Sam out of the bath it started.  I was not tired.  I was sick. Sooooooo sick.   I couldn’t be more than 20 feet from the bathroom for the rest of the day.  I had left Sam laying on his towel, with no diaper, and after I recovered I found him naked wandering around the room crying, saying “where nana go?  where nana go?”  Hannah and all the other kids were in the room when he got in the bath, why wouldn’t they be there when he got out?  Lucky for him Chase didn’t take long at the pool.  He opened his eyes under water, and for some reason the salt and chlorine burned his eyes.  His eyes were dark red,  not pink, RED.  More red than I have ever seen eyes in my life.  He could hardly see, the light made it even worse, and nothing we did seemed to help.  And we couldn’t even go get eye drops or anything. What a couple of good parents we made that night, sick and blind, and we had to get something in our kids for dinner.  Thankfully Aunt Darla had put this monstrosity of a gift basket in our hotel room.  it had muffins, fruits,  pop tarts, chips, juice, nutri-grain bars, granola bars, martinellis sparkling white grape juice, sees chocolates, candy bars, and many more treats. The thing was so awesome, the clear bag holding it all to the basket was about the size of one of our kitchen garbage bags.  We had kept the kids from opening it so far, but we needed it for dinner.  Kids ate all the wanted of the healthy options.  by the time kids went to bed, they hadn’t made a dent in it.  I was feeling just a little bit better, (sparkling white grape juice is apparently awesome for my sick stomach) and Chase had me come try a bite of his apple.  I resisted,  I didn’t want to throw up any more food, but I was so glad when I gave in.  It was the best apple ever.  I kept eating it, even when I knew I would probably regret it.  But it must have been a magical apple as well, cause it stayed down all night, and I was doing great by the next morning. I was so sad that we only had 2 miracle apples and chase and the kids ate the other one.  Chase later asked Darla what kind of apple it was, but she didn’t even know.  she just bought them cause they looked good.  I got word that my father-in-law was willing to trade his entire basket of goodies just for our box of sees chocolates so I told chase to do it if they had an apple.  Shoot- trading the sees for just the apple from there basket was worth it to me.  So he locked the sees in the in-room safe.  and wouldn’t let me know the code. So ends day 2.    by morning Chases eyes were completely better, and my stomach was about 90% better.  And before the vacation was over chase managed to get me 1 other apple that didn’t require trading away his beloved sees chocolates.

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