Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Utah vacation day 3

We woke up on Friday feeling much better.  I cautiously ate a little food and kept it down, and Chase’s eyes were completely normal again.   We met up with all the other family to try and do a group picture of everyone.  and this is what came out:

63 Thurstons

A whole lot of us!  They had shirts made for us, the front say “got family?”  and the back says “I do!”  then all the names are listed, and it is 63 and counting.  And Jaime made really cute flowers for all the girls hair.  We then took a bunch of other pictures with the family in various groupings.  The ones that we were involved with are these, the first cousin picture:

1st Cousins

And grandma thurston with all the great-grandkids.  I think these pictures are hilarious, Sam really didn’t want to be in any more pictures at all.

Greatgrand Kids

Sam kept throwing tantrums so I finally picked him up, said throw your tantrum here!  and deposited him right in front of everyone else and they were taking pictures as fast as they could before he was out of frame again.


I think this is the one that finally worked out the best, and it is cropped really close cause Tanya is forcing Sam to stand there on the side, but poor Kariah  is facing the wrong way!   We were bribing with m&m’s and ipods,  but sam just wasn’t having it.


They took a bunch of other pictures, (you can take a look at Jaime’s blog for some more)  and while they were doing that me and the kids camped out in the hall, not wanting to go far just in case they needed us some more, and already seeing them waiting for the few people that needed to be recovered after they had wandered off before the official ending of pictures.  The kids got my camera., most of the pictures were of walls, doors, carpet, and fire alarms within our little hotel hallway. 100_0406100_0407100_0408

Cousin Hyrum was hanging out with us too, and Bekah loved taking pictures of him.


Yes.  I was completely worn out by this point.  But it was time for lunch finally, and we were headed to Buca di Beppo.  (yup, all 60+ of us seen in that first picture!)  Some of the family were walking, but with how sick I had been less than 24 hours before, we decided to drive over.  I had been worried that I wouldn’t even be able to eat anything for lunch, but it was soooo yummy!   There was yummy salads and bread, chicken parme- something, spaghetti, other noodles with sauce and chicken,  and for desert there was chocolate cake and  cheesecake.  I wanted to keep eating and eating, without even acknowledging the calories I was consuming, I knew I had to stop cause of my stomach being weakened from being sick.  The kids had a blast at the real restaurant (which we don’t really do that often) and it was fun being with the whole rest of our family in our own room of the restaurant.     We had our own booth to keep the kids contained, but I didn’t have to worry about being loud and bothering other people so much.




We spent the rest of the afternoon in our room resting, then the younger kids got to go swimming and/or play with other cousins and grandma and grandpa for the evening, while me and chase went on a special date to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with David Archeleta  Concert in the conference center with Hannah.  It is supposed to be for ages 8 and up, but since she is 7 going on 13 I thought she could handle going.  We road the on the street train thing (tram, trax, light rail?)  from our hotel up to temple square, and looked at lights as we made our way through to stand in line to get inside.  We were in plaza 9 (second section up on the floor) in row P, all the way on the aisle.  Hannah had a great view.  We could have gotten a little closer, but we wanted the aisle so we wouldn’t have to climb over people to get to the bathroom.  It turned out to not be an issue, Hannah went when we first got there and was able to sit through the entire concert.  But the end seat did give Hannah an excellent, virtually unobstructed, view of the entire stage.   Hannah’s favorite song was the cat and the mouse.  But pressed anymore about what she liked about the night she blushes a little and grins and giggles and says “the whole night was my favorite!”   when we were finally done with the concert we headed back through temple square. Hannah requested to go into the tabernacle so we did. (she had read about it in her Friend magazine and wanted to see it for herself)  It was amazing to me that it wasn’t that long ago that we were holding general conference there, yet it seemed so completely inadequate! Even Hannah was surprised at how small it was. We decided to head back to the hotel, since I was a little worried about which one of my kids would start throwing up next,  when we came to the train station and comtemplated getting on.  It was  much more crowded than on the way over, and I wasn’t sure exactly which train would be headed back by our hotel, and I just didn’t feel good about it, so we didn’t get on.  As we continued walking the train passed us once, and then we passed it a few minutes later. I don’t know if that train turned at some point or if there was something wrong with it, but by the time we got back to our hotel not one train passed us again.  (it was supposed to- the tracks are there).  We collected our kids from grandma and grandpa T’s room, and all was well.  No throw up anyways.  Sam was running around without pants on, Bekah was about to fall asleep, and Brad was losing his voice.   All was well.  Well enough for me anyways,  and we were soon all tucked in at our hotel room and fast asleep.  It was a good day.  

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