Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron

My little brother Aaron turned 21!  To celebrate we had my mom’s yummy homemade pizza and Aaron made a bunch of wings in about 1/2 a dozen flavors. 

This is Aaron- note the cans of Pepsi in the background?  Is soda addiction genetic?


Before we headed over our kids spent a lot of time making the perfect presents to take for Uncle Aaron.





Taping and gluing…


Basically making a big mess.


My youngest brother Austin helping to mix the pizza dough.


Aaron with his girlfriend awaiting his loot…


The best present of the night?  Has to be the giant construction paper ice cream cone that Brad made…


And before the night was over Brad got a buzz from grandma at his own request.  The next day he said that people thought he was blind at school because of his hair cut….  finally figured out he meant to say bald.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Primary Activity Day

We had a special service activity day, trying to teach the kids that service to your fellow man is service to the Lord.   It also taught them (and me) that done correctly shaving cream really can clean up chairs and tables.  Our primary kids had a blast cleaning up all the chairs in our ward building in what seemed a really short time frame. 

All ready to go


New way to clean-

 100_0047 100_0048 100_0049 

Daddy and Sam, not cleaning (hang on tight!)


He wanted these trucks so bad, but they were part of the lesson so he wasn’t supposed to touch them…


Hannah listening to the lesson and getting ready to do a craft. She wasn’t in my group, so this was the only picture I have of her.  


And for all their hard work?  Ice cream for dessert.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Playing in the water and playing with the new camera.

  100_0001 100_0002 100_0009 100_0010 100_0011 100_0017  100_0024100_0028

100_0073 100_0004     

100_0081 100_0035  100_0061 100_0062 100_0063 100_0064 100_0069  

The Easter bunny got them all swimming suits this year instead of new play outfits. The girls didn’t start out completely matching- Bekah had a similar tinker bell one.  Bekah’s was too small though, so we took her  to pick a new one at Costco (yup- Easter bunny shops at Costco, and how did I know? Cause I am mommy- i know everything)  and she insisted on getting one just like Hannah, and that made Hannah happy too.

My Camera isn’t a super fancy one or anything,  but it is a decent Kodak point and shoot.  And compared to my last camera?  Ooooh- it sure does seem fancy.  We bought our first digital camera about 7 years ago, and it was starting to act it’s age,  and boy have they improved since then!!! and the best part about me new camera? the rechargeable battery!  Our old camera ate batteries up soooo fast.  Even the special, fancy, expensive batteries- sucked ‘em dry in just a couple of days.  Now my camera charges as I transfer the pictures to the computer. It also came with an adapter so we could plug it straight into the wall.  And Chase pointed out that it will be able to charge in the car using our iPod thingy- no need to buy anything extra!   Soooo now that I have my camera, and Chase has his IPod touch,  no more toys for mom and dad.  We have swim lessons to pay for this summer,  5 birthdays in June and July, and the boys really need a bunk bed in their room.  So if I talk about buying anything extra for me- yell at me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

So- I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have this weekend. My new camera was being shipped to me and my old camera was such a pain to work with i kind of just gave up.  On Friday night we colored Easter eggs after putting Sam to bed. This was the first time trying this since Brad was a baby, and they turned out pretty well.DSCF3296 DSCF3294 DSCF3295

Sam’s didn’t get his picture taken with eggs?  Here’s some random Sam pictures to make up for it:DSCF3293

He loves playing outside- and he love-love-loves hats of any kind.  This one was given to Brad by uncle Dusty.  


On Saturday we watched conference together on the computer since we couldn’t get it on the TV this year.  That was a challenge for me.  I don’t force my kids to watch all 4 sessions of it with me, usually just the sunday morning is our mandatory sit and watch session.  Most years I can go in my bedroom and watch by myself to absorb as much as I can.  This year I was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t feel the spirit, and even hear what they were saying as my kids were all around me and not being reverent at all.  One thing i did hear though- and I am not sure who said it or what session it was- is that the spirit can still be there with kids all around and being rambunctious, but that once the mom loses her temper with the kids the spirit is gone.  (something like that)  and it helped me stay more calm for the rest of conference watching.   I still can’t wait to get my Ensign so I can go through all the talks again.

On Saturday afternoon we got together with the Thurston’s for a potluck at Jaime’s house and then sent all the men to the priesthood session.  (no pictures)  

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny left tons of Easter eggs around our house- I think the total was 86.  He also left Easter baskets with a few toys and new swimsuits for all the kids.  I tried to get all the kids in them for a picture, but  Bekah’s was to small, and Brad refused to put his on cause it was Sunday and I wasn’t going to let play in the water anyways. So no pictures of Easter morning.    We watched more conference and went over to my grandma Clement’s house for dinner.   I forgot my camera for this- but thankfully my parents had lots of pictures that I was able to steal from their Facebook pages.

Playing on the trampolin


Eating dinner


Hanging out with Dad


Giving grandpa a workout with the tire-swing (the blond girl is my youngest cousin Mo)

14111_1252731919793_1274372181_30601444_4716541_n[1]Playing in the Sandboat with grandpa    (my grandpa partially-buried a boat and filled it was sand, it’s very cool but I don’t have a picture of the whole thing)14111_1252732119798_1274372181_30601448_695822_n[1]

Showing off