Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Well…. this was going to be my post for mothers day with lots of pictures included… but… I think I just deleted all of my may pictures from my computer and  my camera.  makes me feel like crying…



Chase did pretty good this year.  He took all of the kids shopping on Saturday without any prompting from me, well, at least not on the day of.  I believe he took some flowers and See’s chocolates to his mom on that day, but I stayed home so I am not aware of all the details.  And I hope that she understands about us not making it to see her on the real mothers day.   When I woke up Sunday morning all of my presents were wrapped and ready for me- an egg slicer, some new spatulas, a big bag of peanut m&ms, some juicy fruit gum, 1/2 pound of sees chocolates, and a new hand mixer.   And chase actually managed to hide the presents well enough that they were surprises!  (of course, i  had less than 24 hours to find them)  I have wanted an egg slicer for awhile, and Hannah was very good at remembering that.  And the Hand mixer? I was very much in need of that- It is my 3rd or 4th mixer since we have been married.  The last one finally went out in style- popping, sparks, flames, and lot of smoke while making knockerlns.  I had so much fun with opening my presents that I forgot the time and soon realized that i had a choice- shower or getting to church on time.  I chose to go without the shower and still didn’t make it quite on time.  If we didn’t have primary to teach, I don’t think we would have even gone to church that day.  The bishopric gave all the women ages 18 and older 2 full size candy bars.  I ended up splitting my Hershey's with almonds and my Twix up between my kids without getting any for myself- and it made me feel good that those calories didn’t go into my body.   I spent my afternoon baking my kids a cake with my new mixer (which I also didn’t eat- mainly because it was chocolate cake)  and getting the stuffed shells ready for my mom’s mothers day present.  we headed out around 3:30, and cooked the food at my mom’s house.  My dad supplied a salad and some garlic bread.  I didn’t mind at all cooking dinner on mother’s day since it was what my mom asked for-  but next year the men can figure out something where I don’t have to cook either.     After dinner we went next door to have ice cream sundaes with my grandma and a bunch of the clement clan.  My kids all got sick of the ice cream pretty fast, but then they realized that they could go back for more of the treats as many times as they wanted-  wafer cookies, brownies, m&m’s, sprinkles, cherries, and anything else you could imagine to go on top of ice cream.  Hannah ecstatic when great grandma said she could pick any one of the leftovers to take home with her. She held the jar of Maraschino cherries the whole way home and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her eat them in the car.  Over all it was a very good day.  At the end of the day I felt happy and loved,  and tired.  As a mom to 4, what else could I ask for? 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am loved

I sent Chase to the store for cheese this morning.  And he came home with these.  And cheese.   I am loved.

 100_0121   100_0126100_0124 100_0125