Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I broke it

After qt drinks and free sandwhiches, pizza, and birthday cake today, none of the kids were feeling great and nobody felt like eating a real dinner tonight. So we broke out our bag of yummy green apples. We have 2 apple slicers. 1 is a corer, peeler, slicer with a crank handle that Hannah, Bekah and Sam love.  The other is just a circle with handles with blades across the center that slice and core the apple as you push down on it using your own strength.  It cut Brad’s apple just fine.  But mine?  not so much. 100_0306

My Granny smith apple didn’t like being cut.  And for some reason I just love how it looks.  Like some kind of animal or creature or alien… or maybe it’s been extremely hot and my brain is fried from summer vacation.       

   100_0299   100_0302   100_0305

Sunday, July 11, 2010


DSCF2154DSCF2431  DSCF2561 


My baby turned 2!  He is getting to be such a big boy.  He is talking more and more each day- mostly just mimicking what the other kids say- and is constantly picking up on new words.   His favorite thing to eat is pizza.  The other morning I went to wal-mart and came home with a flat donut box… as soon as I walked in the door he started yelling “pizza! pizza! pizza!”    His disappointment when i told him no pizza was almost comical.  Thankfully the box did have donuts in it, and he was soon very happy and covered in chocolate frosting.  for the rest of the day he would point to the box on top of the fridge and yell donuts! donuts!

His birthday present was delivered the day before his birthday.  The fed-ex guy rang our door bell and ran, leaving the big unwrapped box on our doorstep.   Hannah opened the door nice and wide for all the kids to see who was there,  and there was no hiding it from Sam to wrap and save for his actual birthday.  100_0277

He was so excited to get this little car.  I hadn’t planned on getting one of these cars for my kids, but I found a super good deal on it ($28 and some change including tax, and the shipped it for free from and with Sam’s obsession with cars and trucks and anything with wheels I thought he would love it.  And I was right.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted since Chase was still at work, but the whole time I was putting it together he was trying to be in it or helping in some was.  he would sit in just the red body with no door, roof or tires and try to scoot it around the room.  He got ecstatic when just the rear wheels were put on and tried to run away with it.


Open the door, close the door…open the door again..


Take it for a spin…


And this is why we have seat belts in the real car!


He absolutely loves the thing.   It is open on the bottom for him to use his feet to move, but it also came with a removable floor.  That is the big kids favorite part- they love to push him all over the house in it as fast as they can, and that floor keeps me from worrying about his little feet getting all mangled.


On his actual birthday we had brownies and ice cream for dinner and let Sam blow out his 2 candles.  (which he did awesome on- no coaching needed, and not being a procrastinator he did it before we could finish singing to him).    I was going to feed the kids real dinner, and wait for Chase to get home to do brownies… but notice the piece already missing?  Chase came home to eat lunch for a change, and before he left decided to help himself to the brownies.  So…. since daddy didn’t have the patience to wait for the right time, neither did we.  Brownies and ice-cream were over with and kids were ready for bed by the time Chase got home from work. 

And just so you know- most days I do try to dress Sam.. he’s just in this phase where he takes off his clothes all the time…

And note the red spots all over him?  he had 14 on his face, and a handful over his arms and legs.  They all appeared within 12 hours, the nurse I talked to said it was absolutely not chicken pox if it wasn’t on his torso, and he has had 1 out of 2 chicken pox vaccines…  but it’s been a whole week and they aren’t gone yet!   So we kept him home from church today… just in case.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hannah’s Birthday

Hannah turned 7 this year. For the first time ever we did a friend party at our house with a total of 9 kids.  Hannah let Brad and Bekah join in on all the fun and she had 6 friends from church or school come over for an afternoon of water fun, and thankfully Sam slept through most of it.  She picked to have a littlest pet shop themed party. 


Blowing out the candles:


Playing in our itty-bitty pool:


Well, it didn’t look that itty-bitty till they crammed the play-slide and 9 kids into it.      I feel bad that you can’t see Hannah’s face in the last picture, but it is the only one that has all of the kids in it.   Brad didn’t seemed bothered at all by being the only boy at the party- he actually seemed to really enjoy it!  He will probably be trying to tag along with Hannah’s friends for a long time to come.   We had the itty bitty pool filled with water, the kids jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler nearby, played on the new 3-lane slip-n-slide and quickly popped about 500 water balloons.    Hannah got lots of cool presents, almost all of which were littlest pet shop stuff.  Thank you to all the parents that let their kids come play, and thank you to the Aunts and grandmas that helped Hannah feel very loved on her special day!  I can’t believe that in one year we will be planning a baptism instead of a friend party!