Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Utah vacation day 3

We woke up on Friday feeling much better.  I cautiously ate a little food and kept it down, and Chase’s eyes were completely normal again.   We met up with all the other family to try and do a group picture of everyone.  and this is what came out:

63 Thurstons

A whole lot of us!  They had shirts made for us, the front say “got family?”  and the back says “I do!”  then all the names are listed, and it is 63 and counting.  And Jaime made really cute flowers for all the girls hair.  We then took a bunch of other pictures with the family in various groupings.  The ones that we were involved with are these, the first cousin picture:

1st Cousins

And grandma thurston with all the great-grandkids.  I think these pictures are hilarious, Sam really didn’t want to be in any more pictures at all.

Greatgrand Kids

Sam kept throwing tantrums so I finally picked him up, said throw your tantrum here!  and deposited him right in front of everyone else and they were taking pictures as fast as they could before he was out of frame again.


I think this is the one that finally worked out the best, and it is cropped really close cause Tanya is forcing Sam to stand there on the side, but poor Kariah  is facing the wrong way!   We were bribing with m&m’s and ipods,  but sam just wasn’t having it.


They took a bunch of other pictures, (you can take a look at Jaime’s blog for some more)  and while they were doing that me and the kids camped out in the hall, not wanting to go far just in case they needed us some more, and already seeing them waiting for the few people that needed to be recovered after they had wandered off before the official ending of pictures.  The kids got my camera., most of the pictures were of walls, doors, carpet, and fire alarms within our little hotel hallway. 100_0406100_0407100_0408

Cousin Hyrum was hanging out with us too, and Bekah loved taking pictures of him.


Yes.  I was completely worn out by this point.  But it was time for lunch finally, and we were headed to Buca di Beppo.  (yup, all 60+ of us seen in that first picture!)  Some of the family were walking, but with how sick I had been less than 24 hours before, we decided to drive over.  I had been worried that I wouldn’t even be able to eat anything for lunch, but it was soooo yummy!   There was yummy salads and bread, chicken parme- something, spaghetti, other noodles with sauce and chicken,  and for desert there was chocolate cake and  cheesecake.  I wanted to keep eating and eating, without even acknowledging the calories I was consuming, I knew I had to stop cause of my stomach being weakened from being sick.  The kids had a blast at the real restaurant (which we don’t really do that often) and it was fun being with the whole rest of our family in our own room of the restaurant.     We had our own booth to keep the kids contained, but I didn’t have to worry about being loud and bothering other people so much.




We spent the rest of the afternoon in our room resting, then the younger kids got to go swimming and/or play with other cousins and grandma and grandpa for the evening, while me and chase went on a special date to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with David Archeleta  Concert in the conference center with Hannah.  It is supposed to be for ages 8 and up, but since she is 7 going on 13 I thought she could handle going.  We road the on the street train thing (tram, trax, light rail?)  from our hotel up to temple square, and looked at lights as we made our way through to stand in line to get inside.  We were in plaza 9 (second section up on the floor) in row P, all the way on the aisle.  Hannah had a great view.  We could have gotten a little closer, but we wanted the aisle so we wouldn’t have to climb over people to get to the bathroom.  It turned out to not be an issue, Hannah went when we first got there and was able to sit through the entire concert.  But the end seat did give Hannah an excellent, virtually unobstructed, view of the entire stage.   Hannah’s favorite song was the cat and the mouse.  But pressed anymore about what she liked about the night she blushes a little and grins and giggles and says “the whole night was my favorite!”   when we were finally done with the concert we headed back through temple square. Hannah requested to go into the tabernacle so we did. (she had read about it in her Friend magazine and wanted to see it for herself)  It was amazing to me that it wasn’t that long ago that we were holding general conference there, yet it seemed so completely inadequate! Even Hannah was surprised at how small it was. We decided to head back to the hotel, since I was a little worried about which one of my kids would start throwing up next,  when we came to the train station and comtemplated getting on.  It was  much more crowded than on the way over, and I wasn’t sure exactly which train would be headed back by our hotel, and I just didn’t feel good about it, so we didn’t get on.  As we continued walking the train passed us once, and then we passed it a few minutes later. I don’t know if that train turned at some point or if there was something wrong with it, but by the time we got back to our hotel not one train passed us again.  (it was supposed to- the tracks are there).  We collected our kids from grandma and grandpa T’s room, and all was well.  No throw up anyways.  Sam was running around without pants on, Bekah was about to fall asleep, and Brad was losing his voice.   All was well.  Well enough for me anyways,  and we were soon all tucked in at our hotel room and fast asleep.  It was a good day.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Utah Vacation Day 2

We left grandmas cabin and headed farther north into the cold.  We enjoyed a very light snow fall during our drive through some curvy, up and down highways on our way to the freeway.  Hannah did not enjoy this part.  Her stomach was still not settled, and she had a little bit of residual throw-up, which chase kept dumping out the window (I was worried about it just hitting the side of the car) without stopping and it was my job to wipe out the bucket with wipes.  We were joking about how good it was that I wasn’t pregnant and that both parents weren’t getting sick.   IT got better as we went, and in about 4 hours we had made it to our hotel.  Hannah was almost completely better, and I was exhausted.   Chase went out with the kids to find lunch, and I just laid in bed.  Just tired, right?   after lunch Chase took the big kids swimming and we put Sam in a bath.  poor substitution for the pool if you ask me.   Just as I was getting Sam out of the bath it started.  I was not tired.  I was sick. Sooooooo sick.   I couldn’t be more than 20 feet from the bathroom for the rest of the day.  I had left Sam laying on his towel, with no diaper, and after I recovered I found him naked wandering around the room crying, saying “where nana go?  where nana go?”  Hannah and all the other kids were in the room when he got in the bath, why wouldn’t they be there when he got out?  Lucky for him Chase didn’t take long at the pool.  He opened his eyes under water, and for some reason the salt and chlorine burned his eyes.  His eyes were dark red,  not pink, RED.  More red than I have ever seen eyes in my life.  He could hardly see, the light made it even worse, and nothing we did seemed to help.  And we couldn’t even go get eye drops or anything. What a couple of good parents we made that night, sick and blind, and we had to get something in our kids for dinner.  Thankfully Aunt Darla had put this monstrosity of a gift basket in our hotel room.  it had muffins, fruits,  pop tarts, chips, juice, nutri-grain bars, granola bars, martinellis sparkling white grape juice, sees chocolates, candy bars, and many more treats. The thing was so awesome, the clear bag holding it all to the basket was about the size of one of our kitchen garbage bags.  We had kept the kids from opening it so far, but we needed it for dinner.  Kids ate all the wanted of the healthy options.  by the time kids went to bed, they hadn’t made a dent in it.  I was feeling just a little bit better, (sparkling white grape juice is apparently awesome for my sick stomach) and Chase had me come try a bite of his apple.  I resisted,  I didn’t want to throw up any more food, but I was so glad when I gave in.  It was the best apple ever.  I kept eating it, even when I knew I would probably regret it.  But it must have been a magical apple as well, cause it stayed down all night, and I was doing great by the next morning. I was so sad that we only had 2 miracle apples and chase and the kids ate the other one.  Chase later asked Darla what kind of apple it was, but she didn’t even know.  she just bought them cause they looked good.  I got word that my father-in-law was willing to trade his entire basket of goodies just for our box of sees chocolates so I told chase to do it if they had an apple.  Shoot- trading the sees for just the apple from there basket was worth it to me.  So he locked the sees in the in-room safe.  and wouldn’t let me know the code. So ends day 2.    by morning Chases eyes were completely better, and my stomach was about 90% better.  And before the vacation was over chase managed to get me 1 other apple that didn’t require trading away his beloved sees chocolates.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Utah Vacation Day 1

We were headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for a Thurston family reunion that started on Thursday, so we decided to take an extra day to drive up and spend the night at Chase’s grandma’s cabin in Pine Valley.  Our alarm went off at 4 a.m. and we were on the road driving by 5.  And we made it as far as our neighborhood QT when I discovered that Chase got all the kids loaded up without having them go to the bathroom first.  Our very first bathroom break was 2 miles from our house.  We did pretty good after that though, we didn’t stop again till Kingman. Ever eaten at Wendy's in Kingman for breakfast?  Don’t, nothing we got was all that good.   pretty soon we were passing through Las Vegas and then eating lunch in St. George.  By 1 in the afternoon kids were having a blast playing in the old snow in the shadiest part of the cabins yard.   100_0388100_0390100_0393100_0389

That afternoon we took some plastic sleds and went in search of a good sledding spot… andwe didn’t have much luck.  Eventually we settled on a spot that was essentially someone’s sloped driveway that still had a good coating of snow on it that was at the end of the road.  There was no tire tracks in the snow so they weren’t in town, or they were just holed up inside watching us creepily.   Either way nobody came out to yell at us and the kids had a blast.  I forgot to take the camera with us, but here are the highlights-  Brad had a hard time bringing the sleds up the hill, he spent most of the time chaseing them down when they slipped out of his hands.  Sam loved going down if daddy would ride down with him.  The driveway looked straight, but it sloped to the left just a little bit and if we weren’t carefull the kids would go off to that side into the trees (Brad)  or slide right into the small ditch on the side of the road filled with water deeper than the tops of boots (hannah)  or catch on the edge of the ditch and flip them face first  into the snow on the other side (Bekah).  After that last scare Bekah would only make the last trip down if mommy would go down with her.   Nobody got really hurt, but when mommy was cold enough to go back to the cabin the only one that resisted was Brad.  and it was only a tiny little bit.    We got our jammies on, put our boots by the fire, and had a blast relaxing in the cabin as a family. The kids had their own room at the top of the stairs and had a blast going up and down and up and down.  Sam found a stash of cars that he absolutely loved.    The orange tow truck was his absolute favorite.  He played with it all evening, he took it to bed with him, and was very angry the next day when we made him leave it at the cabin as we continued on our adventure.


We had peanut butter and jellies and left over nuggets for dinner.  Then we settled in to wait for grandma and grandpa and Tara, Dallin, and Hyrum to get there.   The kids were so excited to be sharing the cabin that nobody wanted to go to bed.  Chase fell asleep on a couch, then Bekah, and I decided to call it a night.


Tucked everyone into bed, carried Bekah up the stairs, woke up chase enough to get him to bed,  shushed the kids several times,  sang them some songs, and finally everything was quiet.  I should have fallen asleep, I had been up since 4 am.  but I couldn’t.  I listened to baby Hyrum cry himself to sleep, and then I was still awake when he started fussing around midnight, and then I was awake when Hannah needed to go to the bathroom  at 1 and could I please go down to the bathroom with her.  Good thing I said yes cause apparently she needed to throw up too.  We made it to the trash can that time and found a bucket thing we could take upstairs with us incase it happened again.  And it did.  7 or 8 times.   The kids little bedroom had a comfy rocking chair that I camped out in till about 4 in the morning, rocking my 7 year old baby girl, dozing a little but mostly just waiting for her little relaxed body to tense up signaling that it was starting again.  Each time we would creep back down the stairs to rinse the bucket and wash up.  Chase finally woke up and realized I wasn’t in bed when I had been up for 24 hours straight and he took over sitting with Hannah.  And I had to shut our tiny bedroom door and rest with a pillow over my head to block out the noises and force myself to let someone else worry about my girl so I could sleep.  for 2 hours.  Then the rest of the cabin was waking up and it was time to start our day.  Dr Pepper and Tylenol was the first order of the day, then we slowly fed the kids and got all of our stuff gathered up.  Good things about Hannah getting sick?  She made it into a bowl or trash can every single time, so now mess to clean up and no linens to wash. We also managed to not wake up any other person in the cabin, when morning came no one had any idea that we had been up all night with vomit.  And Hannah had enough fun during the day that she remembers the cabin as a good place, not just the place that she was sick at.   Between 9 and 10 (I think, I was a little out of it from lack of sleep)  we were on the road to salt lake city.  With the throw up bucket.  It was snowing as we left, and the cabin looked so sweet.    goodbye red cabin that Bekah asked about everyday for the rest of the trip.  We will have to go back someday.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Bekah!

My sweet Bekah girl turned 5!  We love her so much, and I have a hard time not spoiling her while the bigger kids are in school each day.  This year she has been loving preschool with Aunt Tara one day each week and is slowly getting ready for Kindergarten when the new school year starts in July.   This year she kind of got a whole birthday weekend instead of just one day to celebrate.  On the Saturday before we let her pick kids meals at any place she wanted, and she picked Panda Express.  The other kids were fine with this till they realized that Panda’s doesn’t give out toys like McDonalds does, the only one that didn’t care was Bekah.  She was just excited to have her very own plate of red meat balls (orange chicken).  That night  we had Chase’s family over for our monthly dinner and Aunt Jaime brought her a gift bag with lots of chocolate, silly bands, and a glow-in-the dark magic wand.  On the Sunday before her birthday we sang to her and she blew out candles on her pink cupcakes with pink frosting. 


On the day of her birthday she went to preschool and shared some more of her cupcakes with her class and brought home birthday cards with MONEY from Grandpa and Grandma T, and Grandma Norton.   That night she got to open presents. 2 new pretty outfits, a sparkle-blow dry Barbie (our house has been glittery for weeks- a blow drier that shoots our glitter?) and a big workbook full of preschool activities.  


(She loved these outfits sooooo much.  She wants to wear skirts every single day,  she was so giddy and running around happily it was hard to get her to stay still long enough to get pictures.)

Then on Tuesday she went to her 5 year check up and got 4 shots. The dr said she grew a whole lot this year, but turns out she was still in just the 10%  line on the growth charts.   Grandma C then took her out for lunch at Rosa’s  and took her shopping for a new doll that has snap on dresses and clothes. 

There was no official   party for her birthday, but her weekend was filled with people that love her and she was happy.  And nothing makes me more happy than a happy Bekah.   Thank you to everyone that helped make both of us happy.