Friday, January 28, 2011


For 6 months we planned for our trip to Utah.  It was the next big expensive adventure for us.  Than we got back and had 5 days to get ready for Christmas.  I felt very rushed, but in the end Santa delivered all of the presents, and we had kids declaring that it was the best Christmas ever. 

We hung out with the Thurston's on Christmas Eve.  Yummy dinner, a white elephant game for the adults, the kids had drawn names for a gift exchange,  we attempted to have 14 kids act out the Nativity, all the kids got new jean blankets from grandma and grandpa, we went to the temple to look at lights, and then our kids got to open new Christmas PJ’s that I had made for them.

Bekah was Mary


Hannah was an angel


Brad was one of the very excited shepherds.


And Sam was the truck driver.


And I did not manage to get a picture of all of them together. 

Christmas morning we woke up bright and early.  kids got to check out their stockings, but I made them wait till after breakfast to open anything else.  It helps make it last a little bit longer. 


I loved how Hannah organized her candy. 100_0495

I finally woke up the younger two so we could get going!


Sleepy babies!


Chase making our traditional Christmas  Breakfast: sausage, scrambles eggs, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. We usually have orange sweet rolls too, but when you go grocery shopping on Christmas eve you don’t always find what you want.  Thankfully Santa left little orange sodas in the kids stockings so we still got “orange sweetness” with our breakfast. 


He was willing to cook the food without being asked.  But he would have nothing to do with smiling for the camera.  I took a dozen pictures, and this was the best. 

Kids in their Christmas P.J.s.  I was going to get a Christmas fabric, but I was too late.  The closest holiday prints I could have gotten was St.Patrick's day. And I was running out of shopping days so Hannah was in on the surprise and helped pick out the material.  This was the first time ever for me making shirts, and they turned out mostly ok.   Hannah added in a purple undershirt with a higher neckline, and Bekah woke up with hers on backwards.


The kids all bought each other toys to open. Mom and dad were going to give them new clothes, but we handed out those before the Utah trip.  Santa brought new scooters for Brad, Bekah, and Sam, and roller blades for Hannah.  And for the entire family Santa got a Wii!  Chase received toy trucks and fireworks from the kids, and I got puzzles, candles, lotion and socks, and perfume. 


We soon headed to my parents to exchange gifts with them,  my mom made the kids adorable pajama pants and found cute shirts that matched almost perfectly.


It took forever to get a decent shot of my kids.  They were all being so happy and goofy.  I guess that’s better than crying!

We had dinner at my grandmas with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins.  I chipped in a bagged salad, and rice Krispy treats.  And Brad bragged to everyone that would listen about his mom’s amazing rice Krispy treat skills.   We exchanged homemade Christmas ornaments and surprised grandma with a new flat screen TV that we had all pooled our money to get for her.  Grandma also gave us a gift card and  some beautiful painted things to add to our collection.  (including a new “time-out” seat that they are sitting on above, although its so cute that they keep dragging it out of the corner to play with)

We made it home loaded up with our treasures without incident, (last year we had a flat tire, and then a flat spare,  and we had to switch all of our stuff to my in-laws car for the ride home). I hope all of you had a great Christmas too! 

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