Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On Sunday night me and the kids were watching food network (they still haven’t turned off our extra channels) and they had shows about cupcakes.  Which made me want cupcakes.  And thinking about it- I didn’t really want to eat the cupcakes so much as have fun making them.  On Monday morning I went to Wal-Mart and got all of my supplies before Chase headed to work.   We used 3 different boxes of Pillsbury cake mix, homemade frosting, sprinkles and enough food-coloring to make you poop rainbows for a week.  The kids loved them, and they are probably my best cupcakes ever.  And they were pretty.  

We did one pan of 24 mini cupcakes, and only 6 of them made it to the frosting stage.


And I suppose sometime I should invest in proper cupcake storage pieces… so I don’t use up practically every plastic food container in one day.

This made for a fun activity while the kids were out of school.  As I was reaching in to take one pan out of the oven Sam came running into the kitchen screaming, it made me jump and bump my pinky into something hot and reacting to that my hand it the top of the oven.  My pinky has a little blister on it now, but the oven oven just took away some of the skin on the back of my hand.  Yesterday the blister hurt worse, today it’s the missing skin.  And I guess I should be thankful that it’s the back of my hand and doesn’t get bothered to much from using it.


Katie, Bob, & Morgan said...

Those cupcakes look awesome!!! I want one! I'm sure you all had fun making them besides the burned hand anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful cupcakes! Gramma wants some!! Hope your hand gets better soon!

Owens Family said...

i'm sorry you got burned but your cupcakes sure are pretty!!