Friday, February 4, 2011

Dead Fish

I have a big fish tank.  50 gallons or so. It is filled with fancy guppies.  Beautiful fancy guppies that are like the Rabbits of the aquarium world.  There are 7 store bought adults, and 80+ home birthed babies.  I seriously don’t even have to do anything besides feed the parents, and they are multiplying like crazy.  The one other fish in the tank was a gross, 5 inch long, chocolate brown plecostomus. (Think those ugly fish that suck on the glass and just hang there.)   Yesterday I noticed it’s swimming pattern wasn’t quite normal, kind of looked like he was bumping into things a bit more than usual, but I didn’t think much of it.  But after the kids were home from school someone pointed out that it was acting funny.  It had twisted its body into a u shape and was wiggling much more than normal… like full body spasms.  So I told the kids it wasn’t feeling well and turned off the tank light.  Fast forward to this morning, I turned on the light to feed the pretty guppies, and the gross fish was now an even more gross dead fish.  I try to be tough and not rely on chase for silly things, for instance I kill spiders all on my own.  But I hate taking care of the dead fish.  If it’s a little tiny one, I can handle it. All you really need to do is net it and flush it. but the bigger the fish, the more I don’t like doing it. This one was a job for Chase.  I told him it needed to be done, but somehow he left for work with the dead fish still there.  Crap.  my visiting teacher was coming over with 2 of her kids, and I have this big ol’ scary dead fish in my living room.  So I went ahead and did it myself.  Sam saw me with it in the net and ran away screaming.  Bekah was yelling “not in the girl bathroom!”  but I wasn’t listening, it was shortest distance.  I dropped it in, and it made a bigger splash than I thought it would, and I quickly flushed as Bekah and Sam watched.  We had successfully taken care of the body.  But then, just as I was reaching to close the toilet, it came back!  I screamed and then the kids screamed, and I flushed again, and it didn’t go down, and then I tried to flush again, but the tank hadn’t refilled yet. I slammed the lid shut, and got out of the bathroom as quick as I could.  Just great.  Now I had my visiting teacher coming over and I had this big ol’ scary dead fish in my guest bathroom.  She usually doesn’t have to go, but sometimes her kid does, and how scary would that be?  To see that thing floating around when you go to pee.  Bye-bye potty training progress. This was seriously stressing me out.  Finally I went back in and flushed again.  Thankfully it finally went down, Bekah has agreed to use that bathroom again,  and I had just enough time to calm down before people were knocking on the door.   They had no clue that we had a crisis in our house today. 

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Owens Family said...

I'm sorry you and your babies were traumatized. But that was super funny!!!!