Friday, February 4, 2011

favorite cheap meal

100_0555 This is my current favorite cheap meal.  $1 box of fettuccine noodles,  white sauce made from scratch (butter, flour, milk, garlic, pesto and anything else in the spice cupboard that smells good) and homemade rolls. (my mothers yummy recipe with one cup of the bread flour replaced with home ground wheat.)

The kids scarf it down and me and Chase fight over the leftovers the next day.  Only problem is Sam.  The kids start with 2 rolls, if they finish the noodles they can have a 3rd roll.  Sam always wants just a couple of bites and unending access to the rolls. He is always the last one done, and  he tries to sneak in and get them off the pan if we aren’t watching close enough. 


Reynolds Family said...

Mmmm....looks yummy! I'd love the recipes for your rolls and for your alfredo sauce!

Lori C said...

Mmm, those rolls look so yummy! I love homemade rolls, I might have to make some tomorrow!