Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fruit Roll-Ups update

I finished the blueberry fruit roll-ups… And I am not a fan.  They have a grainier texture, and leave a funny taste in my mouth.  Blah.   I am not telling my kids this- (power of suggestion) and hopefully they will like them and they don’t go to waste. I will stick with strawberries from now on, or maybe mix a little bit of blueberries into the strawberries.


Kelsi Rose said...

From reading your other post, I know you were using what you had (I totally envy your food dehydrater by the way), but I would also suggest trying peach, they are way good too.

Liz and Chase said...

I will have to try peach sometime! We were borrowing my in-laws dehydrator when they decided to get a new one, so it has just stayed at our house.