Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fruit Roll-Ups

A couple of weeks ago me and my husband had a pretty big fight.  like, not talking for 3 days big. We made up, and all is well. The most lasting thing from that fight is that I added $400 to our debt from buying a treadmill (not what started the fight, but it only made it worse).  I love the treadmill,  but the whole fiasco gave me a reality check on our debt amount.  I keep saying we want out of debt, but then I do stupid things like that.  Chase isn’t getting much overtime lately,  they increased our monthly premiums for health insurance, and I insisted Chase enroll us for dental insurance again,  and Bekah turned 5 and is no longer eligible for food assistance from WIC.  Meaning I have a smaller budget to work with and not much of a buffer zone if I go over budget.  I went to the store on Saturday night, got everything on my list, and went over by $20.  Not good, it means I have even less to get through the next week with till it resets at the next paycheck.   I got home and realized that I hadn’t put any snacks for the kids on my list.  Instead of stressing out I realized I could just make some.  I have stuff to make chocolate no-bake cookies sometime in the next week or so,  my kids love the “gorilla poop” but I am not thrilled with giving them chocolate for afterschool snacks.  Then I thoughts of my frozen strawberries and blueberries that I keep on hand for making healthy smoothies for my breakfast… when I actually feel like being healthy.  So yesterday I got out the blender and the dehydrator and the strawberries and got busy. 

Strawberries, a bit of sugar, and some water to thin it out. (with the lid on)


I spread plastic wrap over the dehydrator trays to keep the liquid contained. Then started the dehydrator.  It took a lot longer than expected cause the crack in our dehydrator seems to get a little bit bigger each time we pull it out of the cupboard.


After the kids were sound asleep in their beds and it was to late for snack time, the fruit was finally ready to be rolled up.  I just start at one end and roll up into a long tube, then I use my kitchen scissors to cut each roll into 4 pieces.  I then store them in a air tight food container to keep them fresh longer.


It’s a bit cheaper over all than store bought fruit roll-ups,  it has a lot more fruit, and even though I added sugar, I know exactly what my kids are eating. 

My kids love them, I love them, and I feel good that I didn’t spend any extra money on them this week. 

Today I am trying out the blue berries.  We have never tried that flavor before, so hopefully the kids like it!

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