Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good mom?

I did all the routine things today: got big kids to school, laundry, walk on the treadmill, feed the kids, make sure they don't kill each other. But, as i was making dinner (a super healthy kraft Mac n'cheese) Sam came into the kitchen saying "funny diaper! Funny diaper!". I looked down at him to see him wiggling his bum making his very soggy diaper swing back and forth. So i ask him, "Sam, do you need a new diaper?" his reply was to run away, screeching "no no no no, funny diaper!". So i neglected to add changing diapers to my routine list of things to do? And my kid is totally ok with that, entertained even. Great.

I got a letter from school about Brad, apparently i have been letting him stay at home to much. One more absence from school and he will be considered "habitually truant" and him and his parents may be required to go to court. So how many absences equals the school sending out letters like this? They listed 3 in September and 1 in January. Bahahahah. One more makes it habitually? Great.

We have plastic plates in lots of different colors for the kids to use. Sam made it to the table tonight first and started eating off of the purple plate. Bekah was devastated, how could she possible eat off of the remaining blue or green plate? She tried to convince sam to switch, when that didn't work she threw a royal, the world is ending, tantrum. She went to her room and screamed for 5 minutes, and you know what I did? I caved, and i got her a new purple plate and switched her food over. Teaching my kid to scream until she get what she wants. Great.

So... We finished out the evening by watching wipeout. Which was actually pretty great too. Especially when asked "mommy, if you won wipeout, would we have enough money for Disneyland?

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