Friday, February 18, 2011

Goodbye Disney

We have had extended advance digital super should be expensive cable for the last 3 months.  And the kids have gotten super spoiled having so many good kids shows for their viewing pleasure.  But our free trial is up, so we packed up the cable box today and took it back to the cable store.   For now, with the cable just going into our TV we still get some extra channels. But pretty soon a worker will be out to switch it back to just the basic cable we get through our HOA. A whopping 22 channels.   Our children will be sad, but I am not spending $50 for the couple of channels that were safe for our kids to watch.   What are you doing to keep household expenses under budget?

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Reynolds Family said...

We went a long time with only rabbit ears, so I can feel your pain! By the way, you might not need to pay for basic cable at all - the same channels that we picked up with our rabbit ears antennae were the exact same channels that we were paying for with basic cable. Have you ever tried to see if you can pick up the same channels where you live? I suggest buying some inexpensive rabbit ears at Wal-Mart and trying it out - you can always return them if you can't get the same channels, but it might save you from having a cable bill at all.

Also, may I suggest for cheap child entertainment checking into NetFlix instant streaming? You pay $10 a month for unlimited DVD's mailed to your house and ALSO for unlimited instant streaming through your Wii. There are tons and tons of kids shows and movies on there - Katelee loves having them at her demand. Just a thought! Also there are some children's shows available online through certain websites, such as

Good luck to you and good job trying to save money!