Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope every one of you had a good valentines day!  My day turned out all right in the end, although I go into it thinking the worst.  The thing is that I have a husband who doesn’t believe in it.  He says that he would rather do nice things for me year round instead of just on one day when they jack up the prices of everything and make it about money.  I think he should just man-up and be good to me that day.  I will get him trained right eventually.  We have all eternity to reach perfection.  But this year, it didn’t even matter if he wanted to spend money on me,  the money wasn’t in our budget to be spent on each other. But I still felt a little bitter about that at the start of the day.  

Hannah, Brad and Bekah had parties at school and got to exchange valentines and treats.   Brad’s teacher sent several notes home requesting “healthy snacks” for valentines, but we ignored it and sent snickers.  it seemed that most everybody else did to since he came home with more junk food than Hannah did!  He was a very good big brother though and shared willingly with Sam since he was the only one that didn’t get a party.  And he didn’t just share the bad candy- he let Sam have anything he wanted.

I went to my best friends house and had a jack-in-the-box taco pity party focused on our unromantic husbands.  We were hoping our little ones would play together, but they were mostly just shy and it wasn’t  until we only had 10 minutes left that they  started playing good. 

After school I was very good about not eating the kids candy- I had one sugar cookie (delivered by a very kind sister-in-law) then drank diet soda and walked on the treadmill for awhile.  The kids did their homework quickly, and there was no fighting.   By the time Chase got home from work I was very happy, and was in the mood to lovingly cook dinner  for my family.   And I didn’t feel bad that all my valentines were from Chases sister, my kids extras that I paid for myself, or home-made by my kids.  I was happy that my family was happy.

And it helped that I lost 2 more pounds.


Scott and Jaime said...

ha ha must run in the family. I hate Valentine's Day too. I agree with Chase completely. I don't like it if Scott spends money on flowers or something cuz I know how outrageously priced they are. Good for you loosing weight that is awesome!

Tara said...

Sorry Liz I am with Chase on this one too. It definatly must run in the family. I wonder if it is because it was always Tanya's day :) I also think it comes from me working in a flower shop and seeing how flower prices quadrulpled overnight. Crazy. My in-laws have chosen their own day to celebrate...I think it is the anniversary of their first date or kiss or something. Maybe you can convince Chase of that?