Thursday, February 17, 2011

I need to have more faith

Me and Chase are trying harder to budget our money. We really really want to be out of debt, and I keep doing stupid stuff to get us more in debt.  There is plenty of money coming in if I make good choices,  and if I can get more debt paid off.  And if I do really good this year, I am getting a new sewing machine for Christmas.   So for this week I thought I was doing really good- I was only a tiny bit over budget, and I wasn’t supposed to be using the debit card again till Friday. I got into the car to take Brad to the dentist on Wednesday and realized we were going to need more gas.  But if I filled up with gas on Wednesday, it would throw off the whole budget for next week, and that tank of gas wouldn’t last us till the next pay day.  So I panicked. And put it on the credit card.  Then at the dentist I had allotted a certain amount from our checking account for the dentist, but I panicked and didn’t use the debit card at all and put even more on the credit card.  I had this idea stuck in my head that I needed to hold onto all of my money to feed my kids.  That afternoon I received a discover gift card in the mail.  it will help with the groceries.  It may have even counterbalanced the extra tank of gas had I not used the credit card.  And silly thing was, I knew it was supposed to be coming.  I was doing everything right, putting all my money where it was supposed to be, and I have one little setback and panicked and made the debt even worse.  If I had a little more faith, and a better memory, I could have had a little less stress in my life this week.    The 25th  we get a bigger than normal paycheck, plus our tax refund should be getting here around that time. I will be putting as much as I can towards debt and then running the numbers again.  Apparently we need to increase the budget for gas- I don’t think getting a gift card on the day I need to pay for gas is going to happen all that often. 

And here is some of Brad’s artwork, he is very imaginative:


“2 guys are trying to get a walking-talking piece of gold that broke out of a box, but they fell on spikes that makes their blood come out, and then the blood turns into lava.” 

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