Monday, February 28, 2011


We had soooo many yummy strawberries this weekend.  One of my favorite presentations was the crepes I made for lunch on Sunday.  Yes, we counted this as lunch, but it really feels more like dessert. 100_0638

I sliced 2 pounds of strawberries on Saturday night and let them sit in the fridge with a little bit of sugar on them.  or maybe a little bit more than a little bit.  They were so sweet and juicy the next morning.  I made the crepes from scratch and filled them with strawberries and whip cream, and topped with powdered sugar and more strawberries. If we have a lot of fruit, sometime I will spread it all out on the counter and the kids get to maker their own.  This time is was all about the strawberries.  The kids were sad at first about no options, but by the end of the meal the only complaining was when we put the food away and said no more!


Katie, Bob, & Morgan said...

Looks yummy, only I would have to have a diffrent kind of fruit like apples or something. No berries for this girl!

Ranee said...

We LOVE crepes at our house! We make them for breakfast once a week! My favorite is fresh fruit and whipped cream or lemon juice and powdered sugar. The kids like maple syrup! So yummy! :0)