Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Chase

Well… Chase is Chase. 

He goes to work everyday and brings home the money that I get to spend.  This month he has been helping to train and “mentor” the new employees, so his schedule shifted from being there 7-3:30 to 10-6:30.  I have started taking advantage of this by sleeping a little bit later in the mornings and letting him get everyone to school.  I have to do all the afterschool homework stuff and dinner without him, so I figure it all evens out.  

He didn’t get a promotion this last time around, but his friend with baby #5 on the way (or maybe here already- he doesn’t tell me these things) did get it, so how can we be unhappy about that?

Good news from work is that Chase got 100% on a quiz and won a drawing or something and is getting a small bonus (I guess small is relative- it’s big enough to make me happy, and about equivalent to one day’s pay) and although he didn’t get the promotion they have asked him to pretend like they did when need arises and I think he will get better pay for the time that he does that.  But even if he doesn’t get better pay, it is at least a step in the right direction. 

He started our taxes this morning, and I was getting all excited, thinking about what we will do with our refund. But because someone was super slow in getting tax laws organized, or something, we can’t even turn our tax forms in till the 14th. 


And on Monday he came home on his lunch break and made me some super yummy food because he loves me.  And I didn’t tell him that I already ate, because I like it when he makes me food. And it was yummier than what I made for myself.