Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Living Room

After living here for 3 1/2 years I finally  decided to paint my living room.  I had already done the Boys bedroom, Girls bedroom, and the girls Bathroom. (each in a different color)  And thanks to the donation of a new camera,  I was able to buy 2 gallons of paint this past weekend.  It would have been more paint, but our only car needed to go in for some repairs and once again my budget was limited.   But it turns out that it was a blessing in disguise.  2 gallons of paint is just a little bit too much work in a weekend when my 5 foot 3 inch self is painting 9 foot walls by myself.  My legs are still aching from climbing that ladder so much on Friday and Saturday.   During Nursery on Sunday I sat my bum on the ground to play with the kids and tried not to get up for anything.  Doing the jump at the end of every SunBEAM during singing time was pure misery.  So anyways, here are the pictures:


(looks like the lens on my camera needs cleaned!)  

I did one wall “cool cobalt” and got one other wall painted in the lighter “clear blue sky”.  The blue was a little bit shocking at first,  and I was losing confidence in my paint choices at first.  But it is growing on me.  I am excited to buy 1 more gallon of paint each week to finish painting the living room and kitchen in the lighter blue.   Regardless of the new paint color, it is really nice feeling to have clean, shiny new walls instead of the dirty un-washable flat paint the builders used.   As I was trying to wash the walls before painting the old paint was coming right off if I had to scrub even a tiny bit to get dirt off the wall.   Which is why I don’t make my kids scrub their artwork off the walls.     I am excited to finally be doing some decorating.  It will look tons better once all the walls are painted and I start hanging up real curtains, instead of that too small orange sheet that Chase has hung up over the back door.

I did my grocery shopping this morning.  I have found that it is less busy, and the cashiers are generally less grumpy than on a weekend evening.  The guy at wal-mart complimented me on how well I did with coupons and ad matching.    The lady at Fry’s just scowled at me when my total went from $65.48 to  $31.81.   

Hannah lost 2 teeth this weekend.  The tooth fairy actually remembered to vist our house 2 nights in a row,  and got each tooth the very first night.  Sometimes the tooth fairy is too tired to get to our house. 

I am excited to have spring break for the next 2 weeks, only because that means no homework!  The day after our homework fiasco, Brad finished his homework in 22 minutes, and got  100% on his practice spelling test.  That’s what makes it sooooo frustrating when he refuses to do it-  he can do it perfectly and quickly if he just chooses to do it.  And on the day that it took 2 hours he had already  played at a friends house for an hour, and taken a break for snack time before starting the homework. 

Bekah sees her cousin Londyn at preschool once a week, and once a month at our family dinners.  Occasionally it is a little more often.  She found out that Londyn was going to be a on “vacation” for a whole long week.  That night I heard her sobbing in her bed and Hannah was trying to console her.  “why are you sad?”   Londyn is going on vacation for a whole week!”  “where is she going?”  “I don’t even know- she is just going to be gone for soooo long,  I can’t see her and I don’t even know where vacation is at!”   

Sam is going through his terrible 2’s stage.  He yells at us fairly frequently if he doesn’t get his way. He is always trying to drink out of my cup- even if it’s just water it is better if it is mine.   If we try to get him to do anything that he doesn’t want  to do he yells back “stop bossing me!”    And his favorite thing to say to me is “I need you mommy, I need you!”  when he wants to be held.  And I don’t think he realized just how big he is.  All the rest of my kids had a younger sibling by this age- Sam is still the baby and he uses that to his full advantage. 


Anonymous said...

That is the same blue as the kid's shirts!

grandma kathleen said...

I keep looking for a new blog from you. Hope all is well and you are just busy doing great things! Thanks again for my special pink and black bag with all the little bean bags in it. I still feel really special. Hope you get back in the blogging mood!

grandma kathleen said...

I keep checking, but alas, no new blog. Kathryn says you are on Facebook, but I don't go there. I heard you had a great trip to Women's Conference. Take care!

Stewart Family said...

I like the blues, even the bright one. It always feels good to spruce your house up. I would suggest staying away from red paint though... just a thought.