Thursday, March 3, 2011


I made this for dinner earlier this week.


And I love the colors.  They make me happy. 

The kids did not like the asparagus though.  One child compared it to seaweed and the rest of them didn’t have a chance. It was set in their brains that they would not like something that looked like seaweed.

Now that I am in my own house, I have slowly been painting the inside walls.  Very slowly.  I have finished 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.  But I finally decided to tackle the the living room/kitchen area.  And that meal up there was part of my inspiration.  Along with a blue and green owl poster I bought from wal-mart last year that I have never put up.  I even went to wal-mart and picked my colors. 100_0655

Sam is pointing out his favorite color. And my camera really didn’t do a good job getting true colors.  But- I was going to do “cool cobalt” as my accent wall, “clear blue sky” for the rest of the walls, the “new grass green” was going to be my fish tank stand and bookshelf color, and I was going to do “orange marmalade” picture frames.  I was going to find material for curtains and throw pillows to match.   And I was going to do all of this with the $200 left over from our tax refund. 

But then, as I was taking these paint pictures, I dropped my camera.  it was already missing the knob on top to change settings,  but it was stuck on the automatic setting  that worked ok for most of what I was doing. Now the battery compartment won’t close.  So I duct tape it, right?  Now, inside the battery area there was a little clip that held the battery in place.  That broke off too.  so if I let the battery door hang open and push the battery in with my thumb, and I use the index finger of same hand to click the button on top it will take a picture.   oh, and when I do get it to turn on, the lens doesn’t come out every time. about 2/3rds of the time is comes out crooked and gets stuck, then I have to turn it off and back on to see if it will work this time.  All while keeping my thumb on the battery.  And dirt and dust can now get in from the top, and the bottom, potentially gunking up the inner workings.   So… Do I bring color into my house?  Or get a new camera to document our lives and keep photos on my blog?  So sad that I can’t do both.  On the positive side, we used almost all of our tax refund to pay off a chunk of our debt.   Now it will take less time to save up again for whatever I don’t get right now. 

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Elena T said...

I'm redoing our living room in Navy and Orange. No paint but all new window treatments and knick knacks and pillows and blanket. Great minds think alike! My original plan was cobalt blue and true yellow but I couldn't find any fabric. Best of luck for both us huh?