Monday, March 7, 2011

Did You Win?

Using a random number generator, The winner of my adorable bag of bean bags is:

Grandma Kathleen! 

I hope you get lots of use out of them with your grandchildren, I will be in your neck of the woods in about a week and will drop them off at your house!

Are you sad that you didn’t win? I already sold my extra set of these, but check back often and I will do another give-away in the future!

1 comment:

grandma kathleen said...

I can't believe it! Really? The more people who signed on, the less chance I had. I almost called all my girls to tell them to sign on so I could have a better chance (if they won, they would have to give it to me! ha, ha). I'm so excited! First, I'm personally proud of you for all the cute things you make, sew, and cook. I remember when you gave instructions on making soap for washing clothes. I thought, that's my Merrie Miss girl! You do make me proud! So again, thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing you, and I'm looking forward to using the bean bags for playtime with my grandbabies. I'm sure we will come up with a number of creative games and activities to play with them. Thanks, Liz!