Friday, March 11, 2011

Focus on the Positive

So today a lot of bad things happened- Earthquake and tsunami in Japan, possibly dangerous  waves on the western coast of the United States and on many Islands.  Hearing things like this makes me worry a lot- I have a brother and a dog-nephew over in California that I want kept safe , and there are also kids from our school district over there on a field trip.   (I just read that there was another earthquake in Japan.)   I worry a lot, even about people I don’t know.   I am sure some of you are like me as well.   Not to take away from the seriousness of the situation, but to give you something to smile about before you got back to reading about  the ever climbing death and missing people numbers, I give you this:  100_0606100_0608DSC00621DSC00623DSC00624


I pass by these lovely animals every time I take Chase to work.  One is outside of  “The Pork Shop” , one is just gazing over the wall of someone’s house.  When the swine flu fear first hit, the pig had a giant mask covering his nose and mouth.

Spring has hit my yard.  I have just a tiny little bit of green grass sprouting in my front yard, the trees have new leaves opening, and one of my 12 freeze damaged plants  finally has new growth on it. 

Now you can  go back to reading bad news.  You could also find something to do to help someone.  Whether it be donations to help people in Japan, or making sure your children feel loved today, do something to make the world a little bit better. 

And no more ads- Google AdSense  doesn’t like my blog. 


grandma kathleen said...

Earthquakes and tsunamis do put our life back in perspective. Very grateful for all the good blessings we do have. Referring to the homework problem, you are not the first to have those frustrations, nor will you be the last. Thomas and I used to clash terribly. I tried several things. One was to set a timer and get as much done as possible in that time, then out to play for a set time. Another was enlisting grandma to help. Personally, I don't think a child should have hours of homework after spending all day in school. They need to be able to unwind just like we need to after a day of work. Good luck! You can do it.

Katie, Bob, & Morgan said...

Where does Chase work? That cute piggy is right by my house! We pass is when we go to put on power :)