Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We went to Tanya’s house for haircuts last week.  Funny how something as simple as haircuts can make me so proud of my children.  Hannah decided that she was chopping hers off again.  She went with a cute chin length cut.  She wasn’t copying anyone else, and she wasn’t concerned with what people would think of it. She wanted her hair short, so she cut it short without any self doubt.   I thought Bekah was going to do the same thing when it was her turn.  She often does things simply because Hannah does it, and she adores her big sister.  But no, she didn’t care what Hannah did this time.  Bekah just got a tiny trim.  I would love to have Brad’s hair grow out to more than a buzz cut, but he doesn’t like it long, doesn’t like me to comb it, and really doesn’t like and gel or hair spray in it.  So he got it cut exactly like he wanted.  during the middle of haircuts I had to leave to get Chase real quick from work while Tanya continued working on the kids.  I really didn’t think that Sam would get his hair cut without mom or dad holding him. He hates hair cuts, and any time Daddy mentions it Sam gets mad.  But Tanya managed to get him in the chair,  Brad was an awesome big brother and put on a puppet show to keep Sam entertained, and  the trim was done before I got back.  I love my kids, and love that they are starting to make good decisions for themselves. DSC00614

Hannah’s new hair cut- she was the only one to go with a different hairstyle.

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