Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kids Music Concert

Tuesday night my kids participated in the school k-3 general music concert.  They sang really cute songs, and had lots of fun.  The school had a lot of parents and families come out to watch the performance.  While it is awesome that there was so much support, it was more support than anticipated.  The bleachers in the gym were completely filled up and they had to bring in a bunch of the bench/tables from the  cafeteria for people to sit on.  And after that I still saw people sitting on the floor or standing against the walls.  Hopefully next year they will separate it into more nights and people will still come despite the craziness of the night- no seats and having to park 5-10 minutes away from the school. 

The k-1sts sand animal songs and made cute animal masks in art class to wear.  The songs were: Party animals, Carnival of the Animals, and Cat Went Fiddle I Fee.


Brad says this was his turtle mask,  but I think it looks a little more like a frog.  He instisted on wearing a brown shirt for his turtle shell.  We couldn’t understand the words to their songs very well, not sure if it was the masks that covered their faces, the music being to loud, or if it was just that  200+  5,6, and 7 year olds are hard to understand.

The 2nd and 3rd graders sand songs about Peace and love.  They all dressed in tie-dye  shirts and made peace sign necklaces that they made in art class.



Now just take a moment to check out the “peace signs”.   yup- that’s the design used for every single one of them.  Made me giggle a little bit at how many times it was done wrong.  And Hannah wearing hers upside down made it even more fun.


Hannah’s songs were My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, a Peace round, Put a little love in your Heart, and Pizza love.  The words were much easier to understand with the bigger kids.  And the kids had so much fun doing choreography for the last two songs.  And Hannah was in the back row so she stayed standing and was much more into the motions than the kids sitting down.   Lots of fun, but I was very glad I had Chase just keep the little ones at home with him.


And did I mention that my readers are totally awesome?  I had a record # of page views for February, and as a thank you I will be doing a little give away this weekend of something made by me!  Check back on Friday for details!

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