Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anger Management

We need some at our house. 

Well, I was going to do a long post about what a rotten day we had yesterday.  But I used all my time up redesigning my blog, and now Sam is demanding my attention.  So I will give you the short version:  It took over 2 hours to get Brad’s homework done,  I was in tears, Brad was in tears, an old neighbor lady was spying on us to see if someone was being murdered at our house, there was screaming, and yelling,  and I now have a broken scrubber brush and a bent pot.   I think me and Brad are just too much a like, and it’s days like these that I really wish Chase got home in time to help with homework.    We picked him up after dinner, we sent the kids to bed, and Chase bought me Lindor chocolate truffle mini  Easter eggs from Wal-mart to make me feel better.  They were almost what I asked for.   I felt like the worst mom ever.  The only way I could have done worse was if I hurt him physically.  (I hurt inanimate objects- not my children)    Days like that don’t happen frequently, thank goodness,  but I know it is entirely up to me to do better  regardless of how Brad acts.  So I went to bed early,  slept really good, gave Brad a big hug before school and we promised each other a better day.  I took time to regroup this morning  before Chase left for work by taking a long hot bath, drinking Dr Pepper and eating more chocolate.  Today will be a better day.  Now to end on a happy note (since Sam is no longer sitting on my lap blocking my view of the computer screen)    our neighborhood is so cool- the tumbleweeds have parties in the street.100_0615100_0616

We first noticed them on Sunday, and there was even more of them then.  These pictures were several days later , and they were still taking up an entire traffic lane and piled several feet high.   It made me laugh every time I drove to wal-mart or QT .   I saw a guy with a shovel and 1 garbage bag just looking at them one day.    I don’t know if he ever did take them on,  but they were gone one day, so somebody did something.  It made me a little sad to have the road back.

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Owens Family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I dont break things. But I yell and say things I wish I hadn't and wish I could take back. Sometimes they can be so frustraeting it can be so hard. But your right we need to strive to do better. We can do it Liz!!!