Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Day of School!

Kids went back to school on Monday, and everyone is excited about this except for Sam.


Hannah is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Shidawara,  Brad is in 2nd with Mrs. Davis, and Bekah is in kindergarten with Mrs. Wojo (wojtulewicz).   And yes,  her father-in-law is the same Mr. W who taught me, Aaron and Dylan at Emerson back in the day. 

They love each other so much!  At least when they know they have made it to the end of summer without killing each other…



This picture made me laugh- parents were trying to get the girl behind Bekah to smile for a picture and she was being an absolute snot to them.  At first I wanted a better picture of Bekah,  but I think her face exactly mirrors my face as we listened to the other family. And I didn’t want to sound as obnoxious as they did. 


Bekah was my first child to not cry when I left her classroom,  but Sam did.   Me and Sam have had a good time being buddies at home most of the time, but mornings are hard- he either stays at home and cries when the kids leave, or he goes for the ride and cries when all the kids get out of the car.  One morning he was sobbing  “I want my brother and sisters at home!”    This morning he did fine till we pulled into the garage and declared “I don’t have any friends here anymore!”


Stewart Family said...

Hooray for Hannah! I can't wrap my head around that you have an 8 year old. Yikes! They grow so fast.

Stewart Family said...

How crazy that Mr. W's daughter in law is teaching your kids. I never had him, but everyone said he was one of the "cool" teachers, like Mrs. Paine and her ukeleles. Fun stuff!