Monday, October 17, 2011

Is this really working?

Wow! I just discovered that in addition to deleting my last 20 downloaded apps , the most recent apple update allows me to to blog from my iPad directly from the blogger website without any e-mail work arounds. Maybe I will do better at blogging more frequently now. Maybe.

Today we went with Sam's preschool class to a farm. They had lots of different activities to do, some Sam loved- the train ride and the peddle cars and the swings, and some Sam hated- the bounce house and all of the animals. Except for ducks and the baby chickens. Those were okay to him. Hopefully his aunts got some cute pictures that I can post later.

While it was a fun adventure it left me feeling too hot and extremely tired. Basically the same way I feel anytime I have to venture outside so far this pregnancy. Really... I am always tired no matter what I do. Thankfully I am not too sick yet- as long as I put food in my belly every 2-3 hours. Sam finally seems to be accepting that we are going to have a new baby that is not him. He tells me where the baby is, and that the baby's name is pumpkin. All of the kids are really excited, but they don't seem to quite get how long it will take. I have told them how tiny the baby still is- but I am still getting asked if the baby is kicking yet and if they can feel my belly. Hannah is thinking a little bit more long term and asking if she will be old enough to change this babies diapers. We told her no when Sam was born- but I think a 9 year old will be much better at it than a 5 year old. It will be a whole different experience this time around having big kids that can help effectively instead of having practically all babies in the house.

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